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Exclusive luxury homewares

Nouveau inspired contemporist art pieces created by Brea Lanyon

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, the inspiration for VANTA stems from tattoo culture and is heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement with a contemporary twist. Focusing on limited releases of unique pieces, VANTA homewares and artworks make for the perfect, striking statement in your home.

VANTA homewares are crafted with high end materials featuring mostly black steel for a modern look and feel.

Collaborations with local artists and craftspeople using natural materials such as stone and timber are also featured.

By purchasing from the VANTA collection, you are supporting an independent artist and receiving a unique piece crafted with heart and soul.

The name VANTA stems from the discovery of Vantablack - the blackest black known to humankind, absorbing up to 99.964% of light striking it. 

VANTA encapsulates and marries together every element of Brea's creative outlets. Black, bold lines reminiscent of her tattoo work, contemporary home design and passion for art.

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